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European Citizenship & European Passport

(Dutch Passport, German Passport, Polish Passport, Hungarian Passport, Italian Passport, French Passport, etc.)

We carry out all requisite preliminary factual and legal inquires to determine whether the person applying for a certain citizenship meets eligibility requirements according to the varying laws of the European countries.

The firm maintains close contacts with foreign council and has expertise in retrieving and obtaining original and official documents and certificates from the country of origin. The firm also provides professional translations, authentications by an Israeli notary as well as Apostille stamps and certifications, both from European countries and the State of Israel.

We further assist in obtaining official documents from, and filing petitions with the various Israeli governmental authorities such as: birth certificates, education, immigration, identification, marriage certificates and passports. We also undertake procedures of altering/updating the above mentioned Israeli documents, such as change of name and date of birth.