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Aliyah Desk

Aliyah Desk

The Aliyah desk, operating within the legal practice of Jacob Houdijk Law Office, serves the needs of the Anglosaxon community in Israel, new and veteran immigrants (“Olim”) and potential new immigrants to Israel.

The Aliyah Desk is a service centre for the firm’s clients who require administrative and legal assistance in Israel, and helps them navigate their way through Israeli bureaucracy.

Our Aliya Desk was created to ensure the best administrative and legal assistance to private individuals who have decided to relocate to Israel, not only during the Aliyah process, but throughout the entire absorption process in Israel.

Our experienced Aliya Desk professionals have gained extensive knowledge in Israeli law and know-how in its bureaucratic practices,  an extensive network of professional contacts in Israel, and are thus in an optimal position to assist new immigrants on issues concerning immigrant rights, status changes, social security, and help individuals get their way in Israel.

We provide, among other things:

  • Documents necessary for Aliyah;
  • Applications to receive official documents from the Population Registry of the State of Israel (MIsrad HaPnim), including a registration extract / birth certificate / death certificate / record of entries and exits, etc.;
  • Relocation services to Israel;
  • Visa and work permits for non-Jewish partners;
  • Authentication of original documents, Apostille & consular stamps from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  (Misrad HaChutz) and the Ministry of Religious Services (Misrad HaDatot);
  • Legal translations and notary certifications;